Primus Ludus is one of the best institutes for graphic design. We follow a professional approach in conducting our classes, following the latest industry standards with regular updates in our course structure. We offer graphic design courses, web design courses, photography courses, animation courses, and other related topics.

Being one of the best institutes for graphic designing, at PRIMUS LUDUS we believe that vision is the most influential and effective sense a human possesses. It is through vision only that we first see our world, learn & recognize things, make choices, like-dislike things, etc. It has been proved that whatever we see, makes a very strong & long-lasting impression on our mind. Which is more influential than just hearing, reading, feeling, or assuming things. Whatever we see in front of our eyes, stays somewhere in the back of our mind. It also affects our decisions & beliefs about; all we experience. So to create anything we first need to form a visual design of it.

Designing is there in everything we see and use every day. Everything in this world is an outcome of the design. Whether it be our clothes, homes, automobiles, gadgets, appliances, machinery, toys, accessories, etc.

But at the same time, we do not readily accept or like everything we see. We want everything we see, use, or experience to look attractive, meaningful, and different from others. Imagine a world where all things look the same for e.g. every car with the same design & color, every house with the same structure & interiors, same clothes, same shoes everything the same or dull, the entire world would come to halt that way.

This produces the need for designing. So we at Primus Ludus try to fulfill that essence; by providing a platform to learn and polish the art of design. To develop it to the level where one can pursue it as a career or act as part of many career forms.







Students’ Testimonial

“I spent a lot of time learning at Primus Ludus – from sketching & painting courses, to graphic designing, and photography and animation. And eventually, I was selected in SCAD, USA for higher studies.”
Shivani Varandani

“It’s the best Photography institute in Jaipur. Had a really amazing experience learning here. It is a perfect place to learn photography, especially if you are passionate about pursuing it as a career.”
Vishal Nair

“I found Primus Ludus when I was searching for art classes in Jaipur to orientate me in the fields of sketching & painting. It helped me learn great techniques & all the basic fundamentals taught me how to make beautiful art.”
Vibhuti Shastri

“After a long search and comparisons, I got the right place to learn a well structured professional photography course. It’s an amazing and diligently designed program. Best place to learn photography through the rich experiences of faculties.”
Kheevraj Rathore

“Before joining Primus Ludus, I did not have much idea about animation. Here, I learned everything right from the basics to a professional level. This animation course has turned me into a knowledgeable motion graphic professional.”
Mukund Mantri

“Learning web designing from Primus Ludus has transformed my skills to a big extent.  Today I am happy that I am known to develop innovative & interactive websites. Best place for a web design course in Jaipur.”
Shubham Dhamaniya

“Primus Ludus is the best graphic design institute in Jaipur to build your skills in this field. Experienced faculties, professional guidance, and practice-oriented teaching methodology helped me learn a lot in developing my creative skills.”
Anisha Udaiwal

“Years of hard work at Primus Ludus paid off when I was selected for SCAD, USA. The classes here are structured to address individual student needs while focusing on getting students ready for the real job market.”
Dheeraj Varandani

“It was an amazing experience joining Primus Ludus for the Graphic Design course in Jaipur. I learned a lot of fundamentals that have helped me expand my knowledge and enrich myself as a professional graphic designer.”
Rahul Panchal

“I was highly elated when I got admission in the best animation institute in Jaipur. My experience at practically orientated classes of Primus Ludus made me knowledgeable and took me a step ahead for being a professional animator.”
Preksha Bothra

“My Photography course at Primus Ludus was enjoyable combined with excellent teaching methods, which involved practical as well as theory lessons. The course goes beyond just teaching photography, and trains you in the photography business.”
Aayan Garg

“I am glad that I gained a lot from the web designing course at Primus Ludus. I learned a lot about Responsive Web Design & tuned my skills and made myself a professional web designer”
Shweta Sharma