About Primus Ludus

Primus Ludus is a unique and innovative association in the form of a Design School, with an aim of providing versatile art & design training and related services.

Started by a team of professionals from fields like designing, animation, education, and management, Primus Ludus combines all their experience and expertise, ranging from five to twenty-five years, and puts them collectively in formulating the courses which are focused to provide high-end training to the students.

At Primus Ludus, we offer a wide array of course modules for Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Photography, Video Editing, Animation, etc. which are designed keeping in mind the industry standards and requirements. Our courses range from the very basic skill of sketching to the highly technical and complex art of film making & animation. We offer a variety of courses that cater to the needs of all industries and organizations which require any sought of designing for their products and services.

Indian market is already flooded with a number of institutions providing art classes & design courses but even after so many years of their functioning art & design are still considered & practiced as a hobby, reason been their lack of focused & consistent training and unavailability of the spectrum of courses. There are few design schools in India which are good and provide diverse courses for designing, but they are rather, either concentrated only on highly qualified students which have spent years practicing; or are generally out of the reach of common students because of their enormous fee structures and long duration of course.

In contrast to this situation, Primus Ludus is a new and innovative offering in the form of a design school that is dedicated to the field of art & design providing efficient and quality-oriented courses that are very much in reach of any student or individual of any age group or background.


Primus Ludus firmly believes and emphasizes the fact that art & design are not mere hobbies, they are rather full time and highly rewarding professions themselves, and part of many other professions & sectors which require designing as their primary input. So come and experience the phenomenon of the design thinking process at your nearest Primus Ludus center.


Brainstorming is a method students use to generate ideas to solve clearly defined design problems. In a free-thinking environment, our students approach a problem by such means as “How Might We” questions. They produce a vast array of ideas and draw links between them to find potential solutions.


At Primus Ludus, prototyping offers our students the opportunity to validate and bring their ideas to life, test the practicability of the designs, and potentially investigate how a bunch of users think and feel about a particular design through interactions and reactions to the overall concept/ design.


In this step, the students work towards the completion of their chosen prototype under the guidance of our experienced faculties. The faculties also provide knowledge on various aspects like optimizing, costing & exporting the designs in various formats.