Sketching has always been a useful visual language to help us think, express, and communicate our emotions and ideas. It is like a stepping stone in the field of art & design and more emphasis is laid on the skill of creating and designing things by hand. It further allows the student to specialize in various art forms such as Painting, Sculpture, Digital Art, Graphic Designing, Mixed Media, Photography, and Film studies.


Primus Ludus is known for nurturing art skills and conceptual thought process in budding artists. Our expert faculty provides deep knowledge about sketching and our peaceful ambiance makes it a wonderful experience for young artists to explore various drawing and painting techniques like pencil, ink, charcoal, crayon, pastel, watercolor, tempera, oil and acrylic paint, etc.

The range of courses at various levels at Primus Ludus allows the student to express their thought process & skill through guided learning. the course also looks at contemporary issues in fine art and allows students to learn through research and studio-based activities. The student develops their style throughout the course with assignments and workshop.

Module 1: Sketching

  • Perspective & Proportion
  • Animal and Birds (Proportion)
  • Figurative composition
  • Landscape/ Cityscape
  • Still life and Composition

Module 2: Portrait Study

  • Anatomy/Proportion
  • Male and female body Drawing
  • Kids to old age character
  • Different type of facial /emotional character
  • Body Posture & Composition 
  • Study of light and shadow in the human figure 

Module 3: Painting

  • Human figure coloring
  • Transparent & Opaque Technique
  • Using of brush
  • Colour Chart/Theory
  • Still life Composition Study
  • Landscape & Cityscapes